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Do you want to see a cool method to get a 'GL Summary Trial Balance with Excel Pivot Tables'. This video shows how to create a very easy, REFRESHABLE, General Ledger Summary Trial Balance using Microsoft Dynamics GP Excel Refreshable Reports. The power's in the Pivot!

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Take Ownership to Ensure ERP Project Success

When you place an order for new materials or hire a new employee, you know exactly how those resources are going to be used in your business. Surprisingly, that’s not always the case when an organization considers implementing a new ERP system. Management teams that count on outside vendors to suggest ERP solutions without first defining a very clear set of expected outcomes are destined for trouble.

Three Crucial Requirements in Making the Move to ERP

As your business grows, there comes a time when you might decide to leave QuickBooks or spreadsheets behind and implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that will take you to a new level of business sophistication. Better than just an accounting system, an ERP system can significantly improve the productivity of your employees.

Three Ways Dynamics Beats Sage Hands Down

Growing companies using Sage MAS 90 often struggle to scale, but some are finding a better solution. Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers more functionality than Sage MAS 90 straight out of the box, including workflow automation, integration, and reporting—and costs the same as making changes to Sage MAS 90.

That was certainly what one distributor of networking solutions found.

Time-saving Tricks in Dynamics GP

Source: Gilchrist Scott, Ltd.

Grouping tasks into similar groups is a basic organizational tool. For us bookkeepers, that means on any given day we will enter a pile of bills, record cash receipts, and generate sales invoices – each task requiring multiple entries with repetitive keystrokes and mouse-clicks.