7 Easy ways to prevent data loss in Microsoft 365

Microsoft understands the value of business data and the costly repercussions of losing it. That’s why they’ve released a slew of security and compliance tools for Microsoft 365 subscribers. But given the increasing sophistication and frequency of data breaches, these cloud security solutions aren’t enough to protect your files. You’ll need to follow these seven […]

Department of Health and Human Services: Health services delivering powerful digital experiences

Digital health solutions give health providers and professionals more tools to improve patient lifestyles and help them maintain optimum health longer through a more holistic approach to disease treatment and prevention. Learn how the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria, Australia, is using Microsoft #Azure and #MSDyn365 to enable unified digital experiences among medical centers and provide better care.

Top tips for making your website look awesome

Like people, websites also need to be dressed for success. Here’s how you can make yours look impressive and have visitors eager to do business with you. Make a statement with professional photographs Before site visitors read what’s on your website, they assess it by checking out your images. A picture is indeed worth a […]

Enable faster, more accurate decision-making for retail managers. Get started with Microsoft Strategic Retail Solutions.

Digital retail solutions must deliver game-changing experiences for your customers, but they must also make your business more agile and empower your decision-makers via accurate data. Follow eIS Business Solutions, Inc. to learn how #RetailTech is shaping the future of the industry and how you can get started with Microsoft Strategic Retail Solutions.

Empowering managers

In the modern retail industry, providing managers with digital solutions that enable them to make faster decisions with greater impact is a crucial step toward digitalizing the business. In this video, you’ll see how Kroger uses Microsoft #RetailTech to empower its decision-makers through accurate data that enables the creation of innovative shopping experiences.

Protect healthcare data from cybercriminals

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations rely on the integrity of their medical data. Unfortunately, healthcare systems — especially those that involve data entry software, prescription management systems, or electronic medical records — are often targeted by hackers. That’s why healthcare providers must do everything they can to protect highly sensitive medical data. From financial information […]

Cutting IT hardware costs with thin and zero clients

If you want to cut costs on IT hardware, don’t settle for cheap but old or low-quality machines. They’ll likely offer subpar performance, which will hurt your team’s productivity. What’s worse, they’ll likely break down often, too, which means the money you initially saved will go to repairs and upgrades. Instead of buying low-end machines, […]