How to use the 1099 modified tool GP2010

1099 Modifier -This tool allows you to change documents to 1099 documents if you have incorrectly set up your vendors, or if you forgot to mark the 1099 vendor option on your vendor card for a year or a portion of the year. After marking the option, you can run this tool, which will mark all documents for that vendor as 1099 documents.

GP2013 Perpetual Licensing

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is scheduled to be released at the end of 2012. The new release includes a new pricing model called Perpetual Licensing. Clients will be offered a Starter Pack and an Extended Pack - no more BRL Advanced Mgmt or BRL Business Essentials.

New feature in GP2013: Mass Depreciation Removal

This feature provides users with the ability to back out depreciation for all, or a group, of assets. The system currently has the functionality to reverse depreciation one asset at a time, which can be time consuming when the need arises to back out depreciation for a large number of assets.

Increase the number of password tries

By default in Dynamics GP, if you type your password wrong 3 times GP closes. This setting can be controlled in the Dex.ini file.

The setting is:
SQLNumLoginTries = number

The default is 3, setting this to -1 allows an unlimited number of tries. This doesn't change any SQL based lockout parameters, it simply keeps GP from closing after 3 tries.

Receivables Document Write-Off

Ever wonder why no matter what parameters are used, no documents are presented for write off in Write Off Documents (Sales>>Routines>>Write Off Documents). On the Customer Card, under the Options button, if Maximum Writeoff is set to zero, you won't be able to write off documents for this customer.

Buyer ID’s in GP2010

If you've entered a PO in GP, you've probably noticed the Buyer ID field. In most cases, companies use this field to identify the GP user who is responsible for the PO. Did you know however that the buyer does not have to be a GP user? It's true! Buyer ID's can be set up to represent any logical grouping attribute.