Cut Back Accounting Burdens With Microsoft Dynamics GP

By Robert Smith of eIS Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner out of California

Accounting software was created so businesses can keep close tabs on their financial management. Beginning versions of accounting software wasn’t as advanced as it is now, but it still had its value. Back in the day, most of the accounting process was done with pencils and ledger books. As technology advanced, we worked with spreadsheets and entry-level accounting software. Each step in the process made it easier for us to enter data, access it when needed, and removed some of the risk for human errors. Accounting software has continued to advance and make it even easier for us to manage our business finances.

Many businesses today have found success with current business management software, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP. This particular software solution offers robust management of financials, as well as supply chain, manufacturing, project and service management, and much more. It is scalable so that you chose the features that match your business today, and flexible so that you can add the features you may want in the future.

Microsoft Dynamics GP automates and streamlines even more of the accounting process by integrating the financials with the other parts of your business – outside of the accounting department. Different departments can enter important financial data that accounting can use to manage accounts payable and accounts receivables, for example. This saves time for the accounting team that would have to track down the information they need, eliminates the need for double-entries, and gets tasks completed much faster. The automation removes even more of the risk for human error and calculation mistakes. In addition, the real-time data in Microsoft Dynamics GP can be accessed at any moment, giving you the important information you need to drive your business.

As technology continues to advance, so does our accounting software. Software solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP add productivity and accuracy to our ability to manage the accounting, as well as visibility into our other business operations. For more information about accounting software, please contact eIS Business Solutions.

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