Streamline Processes with Microsoft Dynamics

Want increased revenues without increased head count? Consider following in the footsteps of the many companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 to create a more connected technology infrastructure, giving employees access to accurate data and streamlining business processes.

With the uncertainties of today's business environment, companies must leverage technology to improve service while maintaining headcount. Many companies are using a combination of Microsoft productivity tools such as Office and Microsoft Dynamics to streamline their business processes.

Over time, most companies have grown their businesses by adding business management applications. Those applications may manage your service delivery, your production facilities, or your customer interactions. Many or all of those applications are unconnected, requiring manual and double entry of data, taking people off productive work. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions you can replace aging and redundant systems to ensure consistent information throughout the company and eliminate manual steps.

Consider this possible time and cost saving scenario: your driver logs a delivery in a Windows Mobile device. That transaction flows through Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 using the eConnect tool, ultimately creating a receivable for the customer, a payable for the delivery group, and an inventory transfer. Think of the material and labor costs you could save and the errors you can avoid.

With an integrated system, you can automate workflows to streamline processes. How long does your purchase order approval process take? Two days…one week…more? With Microsoft Dynamics GP, when a purchase order request is approved and generated, the person who processes the order can receive it immediately via mobile phone, no matter where he or she is located, instead of waiting for it to arrive in the in-box on a desk or computer. The result: increased output without adding head count which ultimately boosts revenues.

If you want to take your company to the next level, connect your operating systems to save time and money. Let us show you what Microsoft Dynamics can do for you.

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