Shortcuts vs. Quick Links

Should you use Shortcuts or Quick Links for customizing your navigation in Dynamics GP? There is a lot of overlap between the tools so here is a quick chart to help out.

Shortcuts vs. Quick Links

Saving SmartList Favorites to "User Only" automatically adds them to Quick Links

Dates in Dynamics GP

You are working in Dynamics GP and you pick a field with a date. You want to put in a really old date, maybe for the start of a reporting period or for the start of your time using GP, but you don't feel like keying it. You pick the date icon. You could use the arrow keys to keep scrolling back months or.

Account Maintenance User Defined

The Account Maintenance window in Dynamics GP has four user defined fields on it. Nobody really uses them but there’s a good reason to use them.

Pick one of the UDF fields and use it to identify the employee responsible for reconciling that account.

Top 10 Reasons To Join Dynamics GP User Group

The Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG) focuses on helping each member learn and share, helping you to maximize the use of your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. Here are the top 10 reasons a Microsoft Dynamics GP customer needs to join GPUG right now:

10. The largest, independent group for users of Microsoft Dynamics GP

9. A source for unbiased, first-hand, real-world knowledge

8. 200+ discounted or free events annually, including DayONE at Convergence

7. Peer to peer networking for sharing solutions and best practices

6. Regional Chapters & Meets-ups - facilitated in-person meetings in your area

5. A user conference just for Microsoft Dynamics GP users

4. Membership includes all Microsoft Dynamics GP users in yur organization

3. An advocate for member needs and priorities, including direct feedback to Microsoft

2. GPUG Academy - extensive offering of free or low-priced, high quality online & instructors led courses

1. 2-3 times ROI from your membership dues in savings of consulting expenses, discounts, leassons learned, etc.

Dynamics Blog:

Dynamics BlogDeposit without Receipts in Bank Rec Module

Many GP Users typically use the “Deposit with Receipts Function” but hardly ever use The “Deposit without Receipts” function. A Deposit without Receipts updates the checkbook without associating any receipts or general ledger (GL) posting—it effectively allows you to enter an amount (positive or negative) to post to the checkbook and nowhere else.

Fixed Asset Historical Reporting- GP 2013

GP 2013 adds historical fixed asset reporting. Just about every fixed asset report now offers a Depreciation as of' field to make it easy to run historical fixed asset reports. See screen shot below

How To Edit Posted Payables Transactions in GP2010

Ever find yourself looking at a Payables aging (trial balance report) wondering why the due date on a voucher is 2/15/2013 when it should have been 3/15/2013? Maybe you’ve just ran the Select Checks process and a voucher that should be due was not included because the wrong terms were used?

Did you know that you can edit the due date and more on a posted payables transaction without the need to void it and start over?

Here’s how:

Go to Purchasing >> Transactions >> Edit Transaction Information.

Dynamics Blog:

1099 Tips in GP2010

Each vendor can be identified as either a 1099 (Dividend, Interest, or Misc.) or non-1099 vendor, and in addition you can further identify the default 1099 box. To do this, go to Cards >> Purchasing >> Vendor and click on the Options button.

Reminder: Year-End Closing Checklists

It’s that time of year again where the 2012 year-end close is upon us. Don’t forget to log into CustomerSource and get your checklists. They are as follows:

General Ledger – Article #888003
Payables Management – Article #875169
Receivables Management – Article #857444
Inventory – Article #872713
Fixed Assets – Article #865653
Payroll – Article #850663

More Readable Forms and Registers

Available: QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Professional Bookkeeper, Accountant and Enterprise Where: All desktop versions of QuickBooks

QuickBooks has increased the size of the fonts, the size of the rows, and shaded the rows to make it easier to read information on computer screens.