Maximum efficiency at minimum cost

Now you can control your inventory, purchasing, shipping, and more, with greater ease and cost-effectiveness using supply chain management and inventory control software solutions from eIS Business Solutions.

It’s easier than you think to empower your workforce to make smart, efficient business decisions. With features on our inventory management systems such as automatic notification, they easily can keep tabs on inventory, helping to sustain optimal item levels without tying up funds in the warehouse. Enable your team to plan purchasing at favorable terms and in a timely manner, calculating costs and ensuring that your organization meets its customer commitments. To top it off, your staff can connect closely with operations to make sure the manufacturing division has the materials it needs to deliver products on time. Your company can do it all with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) distribution software and manufacturing accounting software.

Outsourcing IT services to eIS results in the best of both worlds: fast reliable computer services on a 24/7 basis with minimal maintenance costs.

A Solution for Your Entire Team

Whether it’s the CIO, CFO, COO, supply chain manager, engineers or your design and sales panel, manufacturing ERP software can propel your business further, ensuring seamless transactions that give you more time to focus on customer satisfaction and growth.

An Inventory Management System for Your Business

eIS offers supply chain management software that can provide you with a complete solution that encompasses finance, manufacturing, logistics and customer relationship management. Our applications help your business:

  • Support integrated business visibility across the entire company and throughout the extended supply chain.
  • Synchronize communications between engineering, manufacturing and subcontractors.
  • Provide accurate estimating and quoting. You can efficiently align customer requirements with your capabilities by maintaining a standardized product line and using your previous experience with a customer to suggest the most effective equipment.
  • Deliver flexible production planning. Production planners often struggle with keeping each job separate and visible in order to match specific customer requirements with resources.
  • Manage projects efficiently. Good project management accounts for resources such as materials, capacity, engineers, service personnel, critical paths, and slack time, helping you deliver on time.
  • Track every aspect of your inventory automatically and make a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Devise advance route planning and analysis tools.
  • Monitor warranty claims and costs.
  • Integrate data across the supply chain to meet industry requirements for joint sales and demand forecasting.

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